What happens when I come in?

When you arrive at the Eye short stay unit your medical history will be checked.

You will also be seen by the surgical and anaesthetist team to go through your surgery and get you to sign any consent forms.

Once all the patients who are due for surgery that day have been seen an order list will be decided.

You will remain in the waiting area until you are called for your surgery. This waiting space is limited, so we are sorry, but we can only accommodate one relative per patient. If there are a lot of operations due or a lot of emergencies that day, we may have to ask your relative to wait elsewhere or ask them to come back. Patients are advised not to bring children with them.

Once you come back from your surgery you will be made comfortable, observed and checked and offered a light refreshment.

When you are ready to go home (usually within half an hour) you will be given any post-operative medication you need, such as eye drops.

If medication is required from the pharmacy your discharge may be delayed. Unfortunately this discharge is beyond our control, but we will aim wherever possible to keep you informed about how long your wait may be.