Images from the 2014 open day

Diabetic eye screening news and events


  • We put in a bid to Southampton Hospital Charity, and were delighted to be awarded funding to buy a new portable slit-lamp, and some slit-lamp lenses.
  • The upgrade to new cameras is continuing, and the improvement in the quality of the retinal images that can be obtained is very evident.
  • We have linked with Kwale District Eye Centre (Kenya) and have enjoyed a visit from one of their team who is involved in setting up a retinal screening programme there. We hope to continue to exchange information, knowledge, support and participate in further visits both to and from Kwale.
  • We have also been visited by the podiatry and dietician teams here at the hospital, and are sharing experience to make sure we offer the best support we can to you - look for posters coming soon, as we join forces to promote whole body health.

Retinal screening in print

  • Lizzi, one of our retinal screeners, has been busy writing, and has had articles published in The Big Issue (edition from week 29 June 2015) and on the Huffington Post (A Lesson in Patients), encouraging people with diabetes to ensure they keep up with their screening appointments, and aiming to educate people at large about the impact of diabetes.
  • An article on 'A Day in the Life of a Retinal Screener' was published in the Diabetes Wellness News (August edition). This is available through the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.

Upcoming events

Diabetes Wellness Day South (June 2016) 

The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation Wellness Day South is scheduled again for June. We hope to attend with a mobile screening van to offer our patients and their families, and other interested parties, the chance to get more familiar with retinal screening, the appointment process, and what it’s all for, as a part of whole body health.

British Association of Retinal Screening 2016

We are waiting for more information about attending this annual conference.

Past events

Diabetes Wellness Day South, 27 June 2015

We attended the wellness day with a team of five, and one of our vans (which we took through the wall of the hotel and into the conference room) and had a fabulous time meeting our patients, interested others, and local professionals involved in support and care for people with diabetes. The day was jam-packed with interesting information, great lectures, and the chance to explain to people about the role we play in helping people with diabetes to maintain their health and safeguard their vision. We are very much looking forward to attending this event again next year.

Type 2 Diabetes Conference, November 2015

Four members of the team manned a stand at the conference, organised by the West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service. We were able to talk to patients, their family, friends, and interested parties. There were several very useful conversations with attendees, the opportunity for productive professional networking, and the slightly embarrassing participation of two team members in a musical workshop run for the whole conference, which resulted in performances of S-Club 7’s ‘Reach for the stars’!

Diabetes type 2 conference display

World Sight Day, 2015

Four of our team went to World Sight Day 2015. It delivered the expected full and fascinating opportunity to learn about the latest developments and research in the world of retinal screening, as well as gain in-depth knowledge about the impact of diabetes in the wider world.

Bristol Suite sign for conferenceBritish Association of Retinal Screeners (BARS) conference 2015

Two members of our team attended this two-day conference and brought back a number of insights from the forefront of retinal screening. Their feedback gave us all the chance to learn more about the national state of play on retinal screening and what changes might impact, or be adopted by, our team in order to offer the best possible service to our patients.

Type 1 Diabetes Conference, July 2015

This event was attended by three of our team, who ran a stand, fielded enquiries and offered the chance for engagement and education among the people who attended. There was a large turn-out, and we enjoyed lots of useful conversations, as well as fascinating seminar talks.

UHS Open Day, September 2014 

Our team took part in the hospital open day, and took along one of our screening vans. People enjoyed having retinal photographs taken for them to see, and experiencing a behind the scenes tour of how our appointments work.

Images from the hospital open day in 2014We had an information stand on diabetic eye care, complete with models and games which were enjoyed by children, adults, and especially the student nurses. 

New camera

New cameras, September 2014

We were pleased to be awarded funding to buy four new cameras. After much research and testing, we decided the Kowa Nonmyd-7 would be best for our service and patients. We are pleased to report that the image quality is much better than our previous cameras.