The retinal screening team

Meet the team

Clinical lead

Dr Radhi Krishnan is our clinical lead, and is the consultant responsible for ensuring that your eyes are properly graded, and you are sent on for the right care. Dr Krishnan also ensures the team has the clinical knowledge and skills it needs.

Specialty doctors

Our team is supported by specialty doctors in medical retina, Dr Sam Khandhadia and Dr Bhavan Bhachech. They help with training, grading images, and making sure you are sent on for the right care.

Programme manager

Gillian Parker is in charge of the programme. She is responsible for managing, planning and maintaining our service, and making sure we can meet future demands.

Screening co-ordinator

Susan Palmer is our screening co-ordinator. She oversees the screening, failsafe and administrative teams, and makes sure everyone can do their role to the best of their ability to make our service as efficient as possible.

Screening team

Our screening team run clinics in the community and capture the images for grading. They are the main people in the team that you see as a patient.

Grading team

The images taken by the screening team are processed by our grading team. They assess your retinal vessels for signs of diabetic retinopathy, and send you on for further care.

Failsafe team

Where there are systems for managing thousands of patients, there need to be people who ensure that no-one slips through the net. This is the role of the failsafe team, who check and maintain our patient database to make sure all eligible patients are invited for screening promptly.

Administration team

Our administration team's role includes managing bookings for clinics. They will be your first point of contact with the team.