What happens at my appointment?

You will receive a letter inviting you to book your screening appointment. You can book your appointment by telephone or email, and we will send you confirmation.

Your appointment

We will begin with a sight test, measuring the vision in each eye.

Two images of a sight test appointment

We will then usually put in eye drops, and give your eyes time to dilate (at least ten minutes). We can then take photographs of the back of each eye.

Woman getting eye drops, then having retina photographed.

You may experience blurred vision and be more sensitive to light for two to six hours after your appointment. You must not drive during this time.

We will send you a letter with your results around two weeks after your appointment. Your GP will also be informed.


After your appointment you must not drive for up to six hours, so please make sure you arrange transport. If you think you will have difficulty getting to your appointment, you can find out more about your options on the Hospital Guide website.

Dilating drops advice

Dilating drops are used to enlarge your pupils so we can take a clearer photograph of the retina. They usually sting initially for around ten seconds, and then cause blurred vision for up to six hours. You must not drive home after your screening appointment. Very rarely the dilating drops can cause an increase in eye pressure. If you experience a persistent headache or pain in or around your eye within 24 hours of having the drops, contact your local eye casualty.

  • Southampton eye casualty 023 8120 6592
  • Winchester eye unit 01962 828397
  • St Mary’s eye unit (Isle of Wight) 01983 534504