Reproductive health research: Fertility

We work closely with doctors and scientists on research studies which aim to develop new treatments and procedures in fertility, maternity and gynaecology.

Our team

Senior research team leader

Nikki Cullum

Senior research midwives

Nicki Martin, Fiona Walbridge and Sue Wellstead

Senior research nurse

Teresa Gubbins

Senior clinical trials assistants

Agnieszka Burtt and Amy Hunt

Our current studies


A study to help us find out whether the use of a newer, specialised technology for the incubation of embryos in IVF results in a higher treatment success.


A questionnaire study looking into women’s opinions and preferences of a novel device inserted into the womb to monitor its environment. This device is not yet available, and is under development at the University of Southampton in collaboration with a biotech company.

Contact us

For more information please contact us on 023 8120 6856 or 07770 702433, or email