Cancer genetics

Most cancers are not caused by an inherited predisposition. Our cancer genetics referral guidelines indicate where a referral to the cancer genetics service may be appropriate.

There are separate criteria for BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing. If your patient does not fulfil our referral guidelines, you may wish to refer them to the local secondary breast care service to assess whether they may be eligible for additional screening.

For all cancer referrals please provide:

  • Clinical information (including histology reports) for your patient if they have had cancer.
  • A completed family history enquiry form filled out by your patient.
  • Clinical information about relatives if appropriate (for example genetic test reports for relatives).

We will require this information in order for us to triage the referral appropriately.

For non-GP referrals outside of the e-Referral System, please write to us or use the cancer genetics referral form.