Meet the team

Alison Pearce110.jpg

Dr Alison Pearce, lead consultant clinical psychologist

Alison is the clinical lead for the service and often meets with medical services within the hospital to help them think about how to work in ways that increase people’s wellbeing. Alison has worked within the cystic fibrosis team since 2008. She offers assessments and ongoing support for patients. She's involved in developing research to help understand how people cope with cystic fibrosis. Alison has previously worked as a clinical psychologist within services for people who have both physical and mental health problems of all age groups. Alison is also a registered systemic psychotherapist (which used to known as a family therapist) and is trained in EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) which is a NICE approved therapy for working with trauma.


Shirley Crofts, counselling psychologist

Shirley works part time covering haematological malignancy at UHS and end of life care for the Hazel centre at Countess Mountbatten house. Shirley has more than 20 years’ experience of working in health psychology within the NHS. Her focus is on enabling patients and their family to find meaning in their life which facilitates them living a more fulfilling life.

Lizzy Pink110x110.jpg

Dr Lizzy Pink, clinical psychologist

Lizzy has worked in the NHS for more than 15 years and works part time as part of the Wessex Asthma Network based at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, and currently within COPD at UHS. She has a particular interest in and extensive experience of working with children, young people and adults with physical illnesses. Lizzy is interested in attachment theory and applying it to current relationships for children and adults. Within her work she often focuses on the stories people tell about themselves, their lives and their health and has followed up this interest in trauma and narratives in her research.

Helen Taylor

Dr Helen Taylor, clinical psychologist

Helen has worked with the difficult asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) services since 2015, helping people to manage their respiratory conditions. She has worked within NHS services since 2008 helping people who have physical and mental health problems across the lifespan. As well as working part-time in the department here, she also works with the NHS in Hampshire to give psychological input to people with haemophilia and blood disorders. She enjoys working with patients and families and with other professionals in the team to improve mental wellbeing and quality of life for patients with physical health problems.

Anneliese Day

Dr Anneliese Day, clinical psychologist

Anneliese has more than 10 years experience working with people in psychological services within the NHS and private sector. Her time is split between working with the Wessex Facial Nerve Centre and the general and neurosciences intensive care units. She has worked in a range of physical and mental health settings with people of all ages and in particular with children and families. Anneliese has a special interest in trauma and ways of coping with this and has carried out research in this area whilst completing her Doctorate in clinical psychology. She also has extensive experience of working with emotional dysregulation (including self-harm and suicidal thoughts), eating disorders and conducting autism assessments.

Laura Davis Psychologist

Dr Laura Davis, clinical psychologist

Laura has worked in the cystic fibrosis service since 2015 and in NHS psychology services since 2010. She has worked with clients with a range of physical health, mental health, cognitive and learning needs. Laura has an interest in narrative and attachment approaches; exploring the stories that people hold about themselves and their health.

Eliza Tucker110.jpg

Dr Eliza Tucker, clinical psychologist

Eliza works in the difficult asthma service where she helps people to manage their breathing difficulties and improve their quality of life. Eliza is interested in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), group therapy and more psychoanalytic approaches in working with the patients. She qualified in Poland as a clinical psychologist in 2013, and complicated her doctorate at the University of Southampton where she worked with patients who suffer from tinnitus using CBT.