Choosing the New Forest Birth Centre

You may wish to consider a birth centre if you would like to give birth in a ‘home away from home’ environment as an alternative to the traditional labour ward or home.  Birth centres are suitable for women having a healthy pregnancy and those expecting to have a straightforward birth.

Figures available for 2009 show that over 76% of women who came to New Forest Birth Centre to labour and birth, had a normal birth here as planned.

You can choose us even if this is your first baby!

For some women, your midwife may recommend that you have your baby on the labour ward at the Princess Anne Hospital instead. This might be because you have medical problems such as heart problems, a BMI of over 35 at the start of your pregnancy, are expecting twins, triplets or more, or have had a problem giving birth before. See the Virtual tour of New Forest Birth Centre for more information and speak to your midwife about making your choice.