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Reproductive health research

We work closely with doctors and scientists on research studies which aim to develop new treatments and procedures in fertility, maternity and gynaecology.

Our team of specialist nurses and midwives is made up of:

  • Jane Forbes, senior research team leader
  • Sue Wellstead, senior research midwife
  • Sarah Bailey, senior research sister
  • Abby Rand, senior research midwife
  • Nicki Martin, senior research midwife
  • Fiona Walbridge, senior research midwife
  • Allison Pearce, clinical trials assistant
  • Agnieszka Burtt, research administrator

Our current studies

Our current studies and trials include: 


Research into how placentas work. More information


A study which uses the cells from inside donated umbilical cords to develop techniques for developing capillary structures for future medical use. More information


Couples who attend the fetal medicine department may be asked to participate in this study. It's a project that is looking to develop techniques for non-invasive prenatal testing.


The Anode study is looking at whether prophylactic antibiotics should be given to women following an assisted delivery (forceps or ventouse). Either antibiotic or a placebo will be given into the vein. For more information follow this link


The purpose of this study is to determine whether the Arabin cervical pessary prevents preterm labour and improve outcomes in women with a twin pregnancy and short cervix (neck of the womb). For more information please follow this link 


This study is looking at whether women in maternity care who have a general anaesthetic experience any dreams or remember anything about the events. For more details please follow this link 

Contact us

For more information please call us on 023 8120 6856.