Quality of service

Being a large, complex and specialist service Southampton Pathology services pride themselves on compliance and in many cases exceeding scientific and clinical standards.

There are a number of organisations for which our laboratories must achieve and maintain standards both in the way our services are run and the technical quality assurance of the test results.

UHS pathology laboratory services are assessed by Clinical Pathology Accreditation UK where the accreditation status of our and other UK laboratory services can be viewed.

Accredited laboratories
Department Registration number
Chemical Pathology 1004
Haematology and Blood Transfusion 1003
PHE Microbiology and Virology 1005
Immunology 1006

UK NEQAS United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service gives objective information and advice to clinical laboratories throughout laboratory medicine on the quality of their analytical and interpretative performance, in order to help them provide accurate and reliable test results and advice to clinicians, which facilitates optimal patient care.

UHS laboratories also participate in clinical governance and clinical audit reporting as well as national statistics for laboratory benchmarking including cost efficiency analysis.