Information for relatives and carers

General support

We understand that having a loved one come into hospital can be a stressful time, not only for the person who is ill, but also for families and friends. Sometimes it can be a great relief to have someone to talk to, especially if that person is not directly involved in the situation. Sometimes the pressure to remain strong is too much, and a shoulder to cry on is needed. Or perhaps you just need the freedom to express things as they are. 

Chaplains provide this support service for all who would find it helpful. The hospital chapel on D level, Centre Block is also a quiet space: set aside for anyone (whether religious or not) to sit by the water feature, spend time in thought, or to light a candle in the side chapel.

“I spoke with her today and she said she is very grateful for your help and support. She also said that she doesn’t think she ‘would have got through without it’.” (wife of patient).

Religious support

If you practise a religious faith, it may be tremendously helpful to have religious support available when someone you care about is ill. This may include prayer, pastoral support, religious services or arranging for a local faith leader to come in. The chaplaincy team are available to provide all of these options, as well as general support for all friends, relatives and carers of patients in hospital. Chaplains can also liaise with staff about your particular faith needs if you would like.

Find out how to contact a chaplain.

Find out more about spiritual care and making a referral.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being Jesus’ hands and words to us whilst we were in Southampton” (parents of baby with serious heart condition).