Hip revision surgery in Southampton's dedicated centre

About research

Research lies at the heart of our vision to become a leading clinical academic centre by 2022, and our 2012 Health Service Journal award for developing a progressive research culture underlined this commitment.

Research as part of care

We have research active clinicians and nurses across our teaching hospital trust, making trials advancing care and access to the latest treatments a core part of our clinical services.

Core support for research

Supporting our brilliant investigators, our research and development (R&D) department enables research to be performed safely, ethically and efficiently, allowing clinicians to focus on their patients and the research question. 

Handling over £20m of research income and linking with industry, this department is vitally important in ensuring Southampton’s role at the forefront of medical advances.

Leading and supporting research in our services

Senior consultant ‘research leads’ coordinate activity across clinical services and divisions, supported by dedicated teams and staff handling study implementation, commercial research management, ethics and governance, finance, information management and study administration.

Discoveries into the clinic

Our strategic partnership with the University of Southampton is critical in taking research from the laboratory to the clinic.

The partnership’s Clinical Research in Southampton website gives more information on our work together, including the £27m investment in our translational research infrastructure by the National Instutute for Health Research. This infrastructure, together with links to our wider clincial and scientific research capabilities, forms the Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research, enabling us to achive more than the sum of individual parts.

This work, driven by committed people working in dedicated facilities, ensures that we continue to drive better healthcare for patients in Southampton and across the UK.