Our research performance

This page provides information about our research performance reporting against UK Government key measures, with downloadable reports (at right).

The UK Government requires us to report our research initiation and delivery performance quarterly, along with all other research-active NHS providers.

The two key measures, for research studies or clinical trials we are involved in are:
  • Initiating all clinical research – How rapidly the first participant is involved in a trial after the trial has been submitted for approval, for all types of trial regardless of funder. The Government-set target is 70 days, and there must be valid reasons for any trial exceeding this.
  • Delivering commercial clinical research – How we are doing at involving people in our current  trials with commercial sponsors, and how many of our trials have involved the full number of participants we said they would, within the time we said they would.

The most recent reports are available here.

You can download previous reports from the links at right.