Finance and costings

We aim to strengthen our partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, to support the implementation of national and local R&D policies. Our desire is to put patients first, which continually drives us to seek improvement in everything we do.

Sue Ward

Sue Keenan, senior finance manager for research and development

Sue ensures correct financial management of R&D activity at UHS, enabling sustainable development of research and appropriate financial monitoring and reporting. 8120 5369

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Support for the Trust, R&D and investigators

We contribute to the successful performance of clinical research in Southampton by implementing and delivering the Government’s R&D policies. 

We have established relationships with various external partners and engage with stakeholders including the University of Southampton, the National Institute of Health Research, the Clinical Research Network, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our teams’ goal is simple; we aim to put patients first. We do this by ensuring the funding we receive is used as effectively and efficiently as possible for sustainable development of research, leading to improved patient care.