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Brain and neuromuscular

Our brain and neuromuscular services are located on site at Southampton General Hospital within the Wessex Neurological Centre, which is one of the largest and most highly-regarded neurological units in the UK.

We provide acute neurosurgical and neurological care for a population of around three million people across central southern England and the Channel Islands and was named as a Centre of Excellence in 2016.

The central nervous system is highly complex and so are the diseases that affect it. We treat a wide range of conditions which require the skills of many different specialists. Frequently, a patient’s overall care will be overseen either by a neurologist or a neurosurgeon (if surgery is anticipated). Extensive support is also provided by other teams during investigation and treatment.

A wall showing scan images on a lightbox.
Our specialties include:
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurophysiology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Neuroanaesthesia
  • Neurosciences intensive care unit (NICU)
Contact us

For enquiries about an admission, appointment, operation date or to let us know of any changes to arrangements please telephone:

  • Neurology admissions
    • Telephone 023 8120 5165
  • Admissions (surgery appointments only)
    • Telephone 023 8120 6784
    • Telephone 023 8120 4018
    • Telephone 023 8120 5510
  • Patient service centre (outpatient appointments only)
    • Telephone 023 8120 8998 (neurology)
    • Telephone 023 8120 6067 (neurosurgery)
  • Portsmouth neurology office 
    • Telephone 023 8120 4922 - enquiries regarding appointments for neurology patients seen at Queen Alexandra Hospital (visit the QA website here)
  • Isle of Wight neurology office 
    • Telephone 023 8120 6467