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Professor Karen Temple

Prof Temple is an experienced clinical geneticist, and has been a consultant at University Hospital Southampton since 1990


Training and education

Prof Temple trained in clinical genetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


Prof Temple is an experienced clinical geneticist, and has been a consultant at University Hospital Southampton since 1990. She plays a major role in developing the Wessex Clinical Genetics Service. Prof Temple is an international speaker on dysmorphology, one of the chairs of the national dysmorphology group, and has led on the IT development for UK clinical genetics services.

In 2006 she was appointed professor of medical genetics in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, but maintains an honorary consultant contract with UHS. Prof Temple is deputy director of the academic unit of human development and health, and past director of the human genetics division.

Key achievements

  • Syndrome identification.
  • Research into human imprinting disorders including transient neonatal diabetes and Temple syndrome. 

Awards and prizes

Past president of the Clinical Genetics Society.


Prof Temple's major research interests are in the genetics, epigenetics and clinical characterization of childhood developmental disorders. She is the clinical research lead for the Wessex Imprinting Group, a University-NHS partnership which offers diagnostic testing and runs research programmes for families with imprinting disorders throughout the UK.

Prof Temple has pioneered research into the genetic causes of transient neonatal diabetes (TND), work that has changed the treatment for neonates with diabetes, and leads the Diabetes UK TND national register. She is recognized for her identification of new genetic imprinting syndromes including Temple syndrome, a condition with marked short stature and severe muscular hypotonia which has overlap with Prader Willi and Russell Silver syndrome. 

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Further information on Prof Temple's research and publications is available on the University of Southampton website.