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Wednesday 13 July 2022

Statement from UHS on escalating pressure on our Emergency Department


We are facing significant pressure at our emergency department (ED) with a record number of patients coming to us for medical attention.

Yesterday, our ED saw more than 450 patients and this pressure is not yet reducing, meaning that some patients are waiting for 12 hours, although we continue to prioritise emergency care for those who need it most.

To help alleviate the pressure we have utilised medical support from across the wider hospital so that we can diagnose, admit (where necessary) and discharge patients more quickly.

The hospital remains under immense strain due to a combination of factors, including Covid-19 infection rates within the wider community, staff sickness, the current heatwave as well as a significant number of patients medically fit to be discharged who remain in our care.

We are asking to public to help support us during this busy period by:

  • Only coming to ED in emergency or life-threatening situations – if you are not in that category then please consider using an alternative service such as the Urgent Treatment Centre, 111 online, or your local pharmacy.
  • If you have a loved one who is medically fit to leave hospital, please do what you can, speak to medical teams and arrange to take them home, enabling us to provide beds for others who need them most.
  • As the hot weather continues, we ask you to take care of yourselves and watch out for those in the community who are vulnerable by staying hydrated and keeping cool.
  • Please do not come to our hospital if you have symptoms of COVID or other respiratory disease, unless you are extremely unwell and need medical attention. We need to protect our hospital – our vulnerable patients, our staff and the services we provide to our community. If you do come to our hospital please wear a mask, unless medically exempt, and use hand gel provided to limit the spread of infection.

Our staff are working incredibly hard through this peak and we thank them for their unwavering dedication and resilience to help us deliver care to those who need it most during this difficult time.