Get involved

Our research could not happen without the amazing people who offer their time and commitment to take part in our research studies and clinical trials.

Research studies and clinical trials are how we understand health better and develop new ways of treating or managing conditions. Discover more about how trials work in What is clinical research?

As a patient receiving your care with us, you can ask about joining a trial with your doctor or talk with one of our grey-uniformed research nurses.

If you are a healthy volunteer, you can join one of our clinical trials to make a real difference that will help us improve our healthcare services and save lives.

Help shape our research

We want to work with members of the public, patients and our participants to improve how we do research and help shape that research.

We believe that your views are critical to performing the right research, better. Because of this, we actively seek to involve people like you in many aspects of our work, from assessing study ideas and refining how studies are run, to building on and promoting the outcomes of trials and studies.

If you are interested in helping develop the research underpinning future treatments and health technologies, we want to hear from you. Contact our public and patient involvement (PPI) officer, Caroline Barker, at or on 023 8120 4989.