Stay safe in hot weather

hot weather

As the mercury rises across Hampshire, we ask dermatologist Dr Helen Lotery for some advice on staying safe – top of her list was to take care in the sun.

Helen Lotery

She said: “The key message we would give is to avoid sunburn in this kind of weather. Stay out of the direct sun between 11am and 3pm and protect yourself from the sun at other times too.

“Clothing and shade offer much more effective protection than sun cream. But if you are using sun cream then it really should be a minimum protection factor of 30.”

Summer time is peak season for the dermatology team’s two-week-wait clinic as people tend to start noticing and checking out irregularities or changes on their skin.

Dr Lotery said: “Our advice would always be to go to your GP if you see any abnormality or change to parts of your skin that concern you.

“That can happen at any time of the year but certainly people are much more aware when the sun is out so we do see more referrals to our two week wait clinic.”

Dr Lotery also had some advice for sun worshippers. She said: “Although people do get excited when the sun is out, the majority of people whom we see in clinic with skin cancers are there because they have had a habit of intense tanning over the years.

“There is no doubt that exposure to sun does increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Not only that, regular sun exposure can age your skin, so in the long term it is worth heeding advice to protect yourself from the damage that the sun can do.”

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Posted on Friday 29 June 2018