Haq, Dr Shuman

Dr Shuman HaqMA, MRCPCH  


Paediatric nephrology

Training and education

BA Medical Sciences, University of Cambridge 1990
MBBS, University of London 1993
Paediatric SHO Lewisham and Guy’s Hospitals, London 1995 - 1997
Clinical Research Fellow, Nephro-Urology Unit, Institute of Child Health / Great Ormond St Hospital 1997 – 2001
South Thames Paediatric SpR training programme 2001 - 2003
Paediatric Nephrology trainee, Guy’s Hospital 2003 - 2005


Dr Haq has worked for the Trust since September 2005.

Basic science research: cell biology of cystinosis. Undertaken in the Nephro-urology Unit at the Institute of Child Health
Clinical Paediatric Nephrology training at Great Ormond St and Guy’s Hospitals

Awards and prizes

Institute of Child Health / Great Ormond Street Hospital Science Development Initiative Training Fellowship, 1998
Jim Seakins Memorial Award, Great Ormond Street Hospital, 1998


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