Information for health professionals

Fax the completed referral form to the number shown.

For urgent clinical queries contact the breast care nurses on 023 8120 3753.

The referral letter must include

  • NHS number
  • brief history of presenting condition
  • referring GP
  • list of current medication and co-morbidity
  • family history of breast cancer
  • past history of breast disease
  • menopausal status.

Best practice diagnostic guidelines for patients presenting with breast symptoms are available from the Association of Breast Surgery.

Breast surgery for cosmetic purposes

Breast surgery for cosmetic purposes is not currently performed here in Southampton. This includes the following, in the absence of a personal history of breast cancer and its treatment:

  • breast reduction or augmentation (enlargement)
  • correction of breast asymmetry.

We are unable to accept any referrals or make any applications for funding for cosmetic procedures. Should it be felt that there are exceptional circumstances which need to be taken into consideration, application should be made for exceptions approval for funding.

If funding is obtained, referral should be made to one of the nearest plastic surgical units. Portsmouth and Salisbury are regional plastic surgical units. They may insist on funding even for an appointment to provide an opinion. 

Breast unit secretaries

Contact details for the breast unit secretaries are available here.