Patient triggered follow-up care

Follow-up after treatment for cancer is a necessary precaution, as a small number of people can relapse. It’s a way to pick up problems early and act quickly enough to be able to treat them.

In the past, patients living with or after lymphoma have been seen at regular intervals by their clinical team for follow-up care. Some patients find these pre-arranged appointments useful and reassuring, however many more find them a source of great anxiety and not particularly helpful, unless they have something specific they wish to discuss.

There is strong evidence that: 

  • having pre-arranged follow-up appointments does not increase life expectancy or prevent cancer returning
  • symptoms and concerns are addressed more quickly if patients report them as and when they occur, rather than waiting for a routine appointment.

Instead of pre-arranged appointments, we now provide patient triggered follow-up care. Read more in our patient information leaflet.

Please contact our clinical nurse specialist team for more information.