For health professionals: teenage and young adult cancer care

Requesting a multidisciplinary team (MDT) discussion

To arrange a MDT discussion, please complete a MDT request form as soon as a teenager or young adult is diagnosed with cancer or it appears likely from radiological or pathological findings, and when the date for discussion at the site specific MDT is known.

We aim to discuss the patient at the MDT the same week as they are discussed at the site specific MDT, so prompt completion of the referral form is essential.

Please complete the form with as much information as possible at the time of request, and include copies of any relevant clinic letters, imaging reports, histology reports and site specific MDT outcomes. This will ensure the most up to date information is available for discussion.

Requests for discussion must be made to the MDT coordinator by Thursday, 12noon on the week of a MDT meeting. However, the timing of the respective MDTs must not delay the start of urgent treatments. Telephone discussion of urgent cases with an appropriate clinician is encouraged in these situations.

Send completed forms to:

  • (only secure if sent from another address)
  • MDT coordinator telephone: 023 8120 4605

Actions upon receipt of referral

Confirmation of receipt of referral will be sent by the MDT coordinator within 24 to 48 hours, using the method it was sent by. This will confirm the planned date when the patient will be discussed.

Treating teams are encouraged to dial in by telephone during the MDT meeting to discuss the patient and to enable joint agreement of the patient’s management plan, in line with NHS cancer guidance. This can be arranged by contacting the MDT coordinator prior to the meeting.

Actions after MDT Review

The completed MDT outcome sheet will be sent to the referrer by the MDT coordinator after the MDT meeting by

Young Lives vs Cancer TYA team referrals

Please complete the Young Lives vs Cancer TYA team referral form and return by email to

For more information please contact the Young Lives vs Cancer team on 023 8120 5267.

TYA clinical psychology referrals

The TYA cancer clinical psychology service for Wessex and the Channel Islands is based at Southampton General Hospital.This service is available to all patients across the region no matter where they are receiving treatment. 

For referrals please use

For more information or an informal discussion, please contact Dr Ana Ambrose:

Clinical Health Psychology: 02381 20 5782                                                          Mobile: 07768803782