University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Diagnosis and treatment

Our surgical team treat a wide range of conditions using a variety of prodecures. Some of these conditions and procedures are listed below.

Upper gastro-intestinal surgery

Lower gastro-intestinal surgery

Genito-urinary surgery

  • Bladder augmentation
  • Circumcision factsheet on*
  • Cystoscopy
  • Hypospadias
  • Lasertripsy for stone removal
  • Mitrofanoff procedure patient information leaflet
  • Non-invasive bladder assessment
  • Orchidopexy factsheet on* 
  • Video urodynamics patient information leaflet.

Thoracic surgery

  • Nuss bar insertion for pectus excavatum
  • Chest drains patient information leaflet

Oncology surgery

  • Tumour removal

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