University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
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Children's allergy and immunology

Our allergy and immunology unit is nationally-renowned for its work diagnosing and treating allergies and diseases affecting the immune system. We're one of only six centres in the UK which provide a comprehensive allergy and immunology service.

Staff in our children's team are not only highly-trained experts in their fields, but everyone, including doctors, nurses and dietitians, are also specially trained in treating children.

We've got lots of experience in managing all allergic conditions including food, bee and wasp, latex, respiratory and ear, nose and throat (ENT) allergies. Our nurses carry out skin prick testing, immunotherapy and food challenges, as well as educating you as a family on how to manage allergies.

An important part of our role is also teaching and training other health care professionals, community health workers and students, locally and nationally.

We also have a strong research programme to help improve our understanding of why people develop allergies and how children with allergies should be treated.

Our unit is divided into children's allergy and children's immunology.