University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Support during COVID-19 pandemic

We recognise that this is a very anxious time for you and we want to support you in the best way that we can. Whilst many of our support teams will not be visible on the ward or day care area, their support can be accessed in other ways. Please ask a member of staff who will advise how best to contact:

Charities and other organisations

  1. CCLG and CLIC Sargent advice regarding shielding and employment
  2. CCLG and CLIC Sargent advice regarding food
  3. CLIC Sargent advice and organisations for coronavirus
  4. CLIC Sargent Coronavirus lockdown boredom busters
  5. Explaining Coronavirus to children - one of our Southampton Children's Hospital nurses has produced an online book to help young children understand the coronavirus without feeling scared. Read more about the book here.
  6. World Health Organisation advice on helping children cope with stress during COVID-19