University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
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Our facilities

Our ward has 12 beds, and provides 24 hour care. There are eight single cubicles with an en-suite, and two two-bedded bays, which we try to keep available for adolescents. Each bed space has an additional parent drop down bed, a television, an Xbox One and has access to an iPad on request.

We have a play room, school room and adolescents' room, and a day care ward.

For parents and carers, we have a lounge with TV and music, a small quiet room and a kitchen area where you can cook for yourself and your family. You can use the laundry facilities at Ronald McDonald House.

We also have a CLIC Haven, where you can stay as a family while your child is in hospital.

Parents and visitors are welcome to use the sitting room on the ward.

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Play room

Girl smiling 175.jpgWe're committed to supporting and encouraging children and adolescents through their diagnosis and treatment, in a safe and friendly environment. The play room is an important part of this.

Our play room is open to all children and is supervised by the play team. They work alongside patients to motivate and encourage children through their treatment, providing a range of activities that are age appropriate.

We have a play leader, who provides play activities throughout the day, and a play specialist, who encourages and prepares children for investigations, treatments and side effects, using distractional and play therapy.

As siblings can find it difficult visiting the unit, the play team can spend time with them talking them through what is happening to their brother or sister. There is also a sibling group that they are welcome to join.

School room and adolescents' room

Boy in school room 175.jpgOur school room caters for all school age children, and is open Monday to Friday.

We encourage children to attend school if they are well enough. It is important to keep up with their school work so that they are not left behind when they return to school, and they are the same level as their peers. It also encourages children to work as part of a group.

If necessary, the school staff can arrange home tuition for children who cannot attend school for medical reasons.

Once school has finished for the day, the school room becomes the teenagers' room. This is where they can escape the noise and activity of the younger children, and as a result, we discourage children under ten from using this room. The room has a jukebox, a smart TV and internet access and can be used to see friends away from the ward.

Day care ward and clinics

Our day care ward has three beds and a clinical area, and is open from 8.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We'll arrange a time slot for your child to come in for treatment and support.

The day care ward team is led by our senior sister. If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us.

Our consultants hold weekly clinics to monitor your child's progress during their treatment and follow up care. We also have monthly long term clinics for children who have been free from treatment for longer than three years.

When you arrive for day care treatment or a clinic appointment, please come to the reception area at the main entrance. A member of our team will come and see you.

At the end of your appointment, we'll give you a plan of when you and your child will be seen next.

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CLIC Haven

CLIC Haven is a 'home from home' which is funded by the national cancer charity CLIC Sargent. The house provides five bedrooms for families to stay while their child is in hospital. This is especially important for families who live a long way from the hospital.

CLIC Haven can also be used for children who need to receive daily treatment for several weeks and live a long way from the hospital, for example, for radiotherapy treatment.

Please speak to your nurse about staying at CLIC Haven.