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How is rehabilitation delivered?

The same rehabilitation team will work with your child while they're being cared for at Southampton Children’s Hospital. It's possible for our team to start working with your child at any of the stages below, depending on your child's needs.

PICU (children's intensive care)

This is where we care for children who are critically ill and need high levels of medical treatment and monitoring - including help with breathing. Older children may be looked after in the adult intensive care unit.

PHDU (children's high dependency) and G neuro

PHDU - children who need to be monitored closely, and need a higher level of medical input, are on this ward.

G-neuro - children who are under the care of the neurosurgeons will be on this ward.


Your child may be referred on to a local specialist service at this stage (if you're from a different area).

PMU (medical ward)

Children on this ward need less nursing and medical input, and don't need such close monitoring. We focus on therapy and education at this stage. 

The best place for ongoing rehabilitation will be assessed at this point, depending on your child’s recovery.

It's possible that your child will be discharged home or in to the care of your local community rehabilitation service, who will link with your child's nursery or school.

Alternatively, your child may be referred on to one of the following:

Bursledon House

Specialised onsite rehab unit, inpatient and day patient options available - Monday to Friday only (funding approval required).

Transition service

Your child will have a set number of outpatient appointments. These may be at your home, with the local community service, at Southampton Children's Hospital, or virtual (web appointment).

External rehabilitation unit

This may include going home until a bed is available.

Local hospital inpatient ward

This may be used if complex social planning is needed before your child can leave hospital.


After treatment, your child will be discharged from the service. They may be discharged home or into the care of your local community service who will link with your child's nursery or school.