University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Children's sleep disorder service

We're a specialist centre for children's sleep medicine, one of only a few in the UK. We work with children aged between one and 18 with chronic sleep disorders, who have already been seen by their GP or at another hospital.

We diagnose and treat a wide range of childhood sleep disorders including:

  • chronic childhood insomnia
  • parasomnias, including sleep walking and night terrors
  • movement disorders in sleep
  • circadian rhythm disorders
  • sleep disordered breathing
  • narcolepsy type 1 (with cataplexy) and narcolepsy type 2 (without cataplexy)
  • Kleine-Levin syndrome 
  • idiopathic and secondary hypersomnia.

Our research

We have an active research programme focusing on a number of different sleep disorders as well as treatment trials. Find out more about our research:

Training for health professionals

As well as offering a clinical service we train health professionals about childhood sleep disorders. Find out more.

Referring patients to our service

We accept referrals from doctors (GPs, paediatricians and child psychiatrists).