University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)

Southampton General Hospital provides diagnostic and management services for primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD).

PCD diagnostic service

We are one of three centres - along with Leicester and the Royal Brompton - commissioned to provide a national diagnostic service for England and Scotland. 

The centres work closely to ensure that best practice and an excellent service is provided throughout the country. In Southampton, we provide a diagnostic service for most of southern England; when other centres are busy we take referrals from anywhere in the country.

Children's PCD management service

We are one of four centres commissioned to provide specialist care for children diagnosed with PCD in England. We work closely with the other centres - Leicester, the Royal Brompton and Leeds/Bradford - to provide excellent standardised care. In Southampton we primarily care for children from the south of England. 

Annual reviews are carried out by a team of ENT and respiratory PCD specialists. Patients are then seen every three months by the PCD team in Southampton, or at their local hospital. Specialist advice is available to local professionals involved in the care of patients with PCD.

Adult PCD management service

Southampton General Hospital provides specialist follow-up care for adults with PCD. We look after patients from a large area, mostly from the south of England.