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Referring a baby for tongue-tie division

Health professionals can refer a baby to UHS for assessment for a tongue-tie by completing a referral form.

This service is only for babies who have a problem with feeding. Unfortunately, if the baby does not have a feeding problem then we are unable to offer an appointment to see them.

Please complete the form electronically and follow the referral instructions on the form. The quickest and most efficient way to send the referral is by email to the address on the form. If this is not possible then please print out the completed form and fax it to us (FAO Pippa Hicks, Mr Hall's secretary on 023 8120 4750).

Please note that faxed referrals take longer to reach us than those sent by email.

Private patients

Tongue tie division is available for private patients by Mr Hall for a charge of £240. A proportion of this fee goes back into improving services within the Children’ Hospital. Find out more