Southampton's optometry department assesses and helps improve vision problems in more than 2,600 patients every year. Based at Southampton General Hospital, the unit covers a wide catchment area along the south coast and even has referrals for specialist contact lenses from the Channel Islands. It is the only in-house, dedicated, hospital optometry department on the south coast.

The team of experts are highly-trained and skilled in assessing and helping improve low vision problems using a range of optical and electronic magnifiers.

Optometrists assess patients' visual needs, other problems they are having and how they can be helped with magnification. They also fit specialist medical contact lenses and cosmetic lenses for scarred eyes.

Eye conditions covered by orthoptics include: 

  • Keratoconus 
  • Distorted cornea caused by injury or surgery (for example, corneal graft) 
  • Aphakia 
  • Cosmetic lenses 
  • High myopia 
  • Hypermetropia

Find out more about what happens when you come in or contact the optometry department on 023 8120 4788.