Labour Line

Labour Line midwives are available to listen to you as your labour starts to establish, offering you support and encouragement together with practical tips and suggestions.

Labour Line midwives can make arrangements to call you back or for a midwife to visit you at home, if appropriate.

Call Labour Line on 0300 123 9001 and speak to a midwife if:

  • you think you might be in labour
  • you think your waters may have broken and would like further advice or support
  • you're ready to transfer from home to your chosen place of birth.


Phone the maternity day assessment unit on 023 8120 4463 immediately if:

  • your baby’s movements are reduced.

You can watch a video about your baby's movement on the Tommy's website.

If you have any of the following concerns:

  • you have any bleeding from your vagina
  • you feel unwell or feverish
  • your waters have broken and have an offensive smell or are brown or green in colour

please call the maternity day assessment unit between 9am and 2.30am. Outside of these hours, please contact Labour Line if you think you are in labour on 0300 123 9001, or labour ward on 023 8120 8103.