University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Children's PCD physiotherapy

The physiotherapist will teach you techniques to clear your child's chest to prevent a build up of secretions, which can lead to infections. If your child is old enough they will be taught how to do physiotherapy themselves. A variety of equipment can be used to aid clearing secretions from the lungs and the physiotherapist will teach you the technique that is most suitable.

People with PCD often need to do chest physiotherapy twice daily and more frequently during a cold or chest infection. The technique for chest physiotherapy is reassessed regularly at each clinic visit and modified as necessary by the specialist PCD physiotherapist. Each patient will have a physiotherapy routine that is tailored specifically to their needs. Please let the physiotherapist know if you are having problems.

The physiotherapist will also undertake a musculoskeletal assessment at the annual review for children 8 years old and over. This is because patients with long term respiratory conditions can be at risk of postural changes. It is also important to have an active life style with exercise incorporated into your weekly routine. This aids secretion clearance and improves general fitness.