Connect issue 33 coverConnect was a magazine for our staff and patients. Unfortunately we're no longer publishing Connect, but you can read the most recent past issues here.

Connect issue 33

In issue 33 of Connect, read how hospital microbiologist Zoe Gunning received life-saving treatment from colleagues after being airlifted to hospital, and find out how four-year-old Lucas Winzar fought back from what began as a fall from his scooter.

Connect issue 32

In issue 32 of Connect, find out how 12-year-old Gloria Abeka’s life has been transformed following two pioneering operations by a surgeon she calls “the magician” and read about baby Robert Airey’s “miracle” recovery in PICU.

Connect issue 31

In issue 31 of Connect find out how baby Danny's life was saved after his rare heart condition was detected following a family photo session and find out about life at London 2012 from paralympian Aaron Phipps.

Connect issue 30

In issue 30 of Connect find out how cyclist Aaron Denham survived against all the odds following a horrific road crash in which his neck not only broke but detached from his skull.