Consultant oversees development of new NICE guidelines on IV drips

Dr Mike Stroud

A Southampton doctor has overseen the development new National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines to improve education and training on safely caring for patients who are given fluids through a drip (intravenous fluid therapy).

Dr Mike Stroud, a consultant in gastroenterology and general internal medicine at University Hospital Southampton, chaired a group of national experts which reviewed current practice and created a number of recommendations to make decision-making clearer, simpler and safer.

“It is generally recognised throughout the NHS that little formal training relating to intravenous fluid therapy exists for healthcare professionals and this is true for both students and for professionals who are more established in their careers,” he explained. 

“This needs to change since prescribing, administering and monitoring intravenous fluids correctly is a basic aspect of care.

“This new NICE guideline has training and education at its heart and will play a vital role in making sure that staff at all levels in the NHS deliver consistent, high-quality care for all patients."

Read more and watch a video of Dr Stroud speaking on the NICE website.

Posted on Thursday 12 December 2013