Stroud, Professor Mike

Dr Mike StroudBSc, MBBS, MD, DSci, FRCP




Inflammatory bowel disease and clinical nutrition

Training and education

  • BSc (first class) in human biology - University College London
  • MBBS - St George's Hospital, London
  • MD - University of London
  • MRCP (member of the Royal College of Physicians) - UK
  • FRCP (fellow of the Royal College of Physicians) - London and Edinburgh
  • DSci - Aberdeen


Prof Stroud has worked for the Trust since 1995. He now works part-time, having partially retired in 2016.

His current work includes both seeing outpatients and performing internal telescopic examinations, including gastroscopies and colonoscopies. Prof Stroud looks after the whole range of patients with gastrointestinal problems, but has a particular interest in patients with colitis or Crohn's disease.

He's also interested in patients whose problems have led to difficulties in maintaining good nutrition, especially those with intestinal failure. Prof Stroud believes he is a caring doctor, and is good at communicating with patients of all ages and backgrounds.

In 2017, Prof Stroud was made a professor with the award of a personal chair.

Key achievements

  • Previous specialty lead for gastroenterology in Southampton
  • Previous member of the National Council of the British Society of Gastroenterology
  • Previous president of BAPEN, a professionals' and patients’ organisation dedicated to improving nutritional care of individuals who are ill or malnourished
  • Chair of the groups that produced the NICE national guidelines on nutrition support and intraveneous fluid therapy

Awards and prizes

  • National silver award for clinical excellence
  • OBE for human endeavour and services to charity


As a professor in medicine and nutrition, Prof Stroud has an active research role, working on both inflammatory bowel disease and clinical nutrition topics.