Award winning tuberculosis nurse looks towards another successful year in diagnosing disease

An award winning nurse looks forward to another successful year following national recognition for her pioneering work around tuberculosis screening.

NTAwards 2018

At the end of last year, Debbie Fudge, tuberculosis (TB) liaison nurse, was presented with a Nursing Times Award under the category for infection prevention and control. The nomination recognises and celebrates her efforts in moving TB screening into GP surgeries across the area.

“Receiving the award has been a really positive experience,” said Debbie, who is based at Royal South Hants Hospital in the Fanshawe Wing. “Southampton has been regarded as a leading example for implementing this national initiative and the award has validated our efforts with this work.”

The TB service works with primary care professionals to help screen for the disease in people who may not yet show any symptoms. In the first two years of the initiative, 1415 people have been screened with 212 TB-positive results. Once diagnosed, the team can provide the necessary treatment to prevent the active disease and will help to reduce the rate of TB in Southampton.

“We are even more motivated to press ahead in 2019 with continued testing of eligible patients and to encourage more Southampton surgeries to get on board,” added Debbie.

The Nursing Times Awards brings together organisations and nursing staff from across the country to celebrate achievements and exceptional work. In 2018, Nursing Times honoured thousands of nominations across 23 categories.

The recent award helps to recognise the team’s role in the local community and demonstrates their commitment to patient safety and experience.

Steve Ford, editor of Nursing Times, said: “The evening always fills me with a really positive feeling.”

“As ever, our awards entrants set a very high bar and demonstrated what great care and innovation can be achieved by nurses, often with few resources other than a really good idea and the determination to see it through.”

The tuberculosis service is led by healthcare professionals from both University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and Solent NHS Trust.

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Posted on Tuesday 8 January 2019