Press release: Staff and patients to take part in second scrap car rally for cancer charity

Scrap to the future - Part 2A team of Southampton doctors, nurses, patients and fundraisers are set to take part in a second major scrap car rally to raise funds for a novel cancer treatment.

Following the success of the first ‘Scrap to the future’ fundraising event in 2017, PLANETS Cancer Charity is set to embark on a sequel expedition – ‘Scrap to the future: Part 2’ – on Friday (4 October).

It will see staff and patients from University Hospital Southampton participate in a rally of 10 road legal scrap cars, each valued at under £500.

Those undertaking the challenge include consultants Neil Pearce, Alex Mirnezami, Jim Byrne, Ian Bailey and Richard Hadwin, as well as neuroendocrine dietitian Ruth Lee – a new post funded by PLANETS – and clinical trials associate Ben Johnson.

This year’s event will raise funds for hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) treatment at UHS, which is used to treat some of the most complex and aggressive stomach and pelvic cancers.

It is a highly-concentrated heated chemotherapy treatment which is delivered directly into the cancerous cells in the abdomen during surgery, allowing higher doses to be administered.

As the drug solution is heated, it improves the absorption of chemotherapy in tumours and destroys microscopic cancer cells that remain in the abdomen after surgery.

Over the course of the two-day event, supported by Regal Homes, the scrap cars will depart from UHS and travel to the five-star Trump Turnberry hotel in Scotland.

On the journey they will face a variety of challenges and will partake in Top Gear-style activities at Popham Airfield.

The event, which aims to raise £20,000, will conclude with a three-course black tie gala dinner with all vehicles sent to be scrapped the following day and proceeds donated to the fundraising target.

Scrap to the future rally

In 2016, PLANETS funded the UK’s first mobile system – Mobetron – to deliver radiotherapy during surgery, known as intra-operative electron beam radiotherapy (IOERT), in Southampton and raised more than £45,000 at the rally event a year later to equip a second theatre to double its use.

The charity was co-founded in 2010 by surgeon Neil Pearce, who is now associate medical director at UHS, alongside some of his former patients and colleagues.

He said: “We are extremely excited about our second ‘Scrap to the future’ rally after the success of 2017 and there is no better incentive for us than to secure funding for this important and effective treatment option.

“Unlike conventional chemotherapy delivery, HIPEC directly targets the cells in the abdomen, allowing higher doses to be administered and, combined with surgery, offers far better hope.

“Previously, in patients with the most aggressive abdominal and pelvic cancers which have spread to the lining of the stomach, the only option available was symptom control and a short-term terminal illness.”

The 10 rally cars will set off from the main entrance at UHS at 9.30am on Friday (4 October). For more information, please visit or make a donation at

Posted on Tuesday 1 October 2019