Press release: Southampton surgeons showcase state-of-the-art surgical robot

Brine visit

Surgeons at Southampton’s teaching hospitals showcased a state-of-the-art surgical robot during a visit from Winchester and Chandler’s Ford MP Steve Brine last week.

The £1.1 million da Vinci X was unveiled at University Hospital Southampton in September 2018 to perform surgery for prostate cancer.

Using the technology, surgeons make small incisions and control the thin robotic arms from within a console at the side of the operating table.

The system is fitted with miniature high resolution cameras which enable 3D visualisation and the arms of the device have a range of micro-surgical instruments available to enable greater precision.

Prior to the development, robotic surgery was only available to a small number of prostate cancer patients through a partnership between UHS and Spire Southampton Hospital, which installed the earlier da Vinci Si robot in 2016.

The latest X model, which was launched in 2017, provides voice and laser guidance systems and a new lightweight endoscope, as well as an upgraded control console and 3D optics system.

The minimally-invasive technique provided by the da Vinci system ensures a shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery and fewer complications.

“Robotic surgery allows precise surgical dissection and improves our ability to remove tumours carefully, minimising damage to structures which support urinary continence and sexual function,” said Tim Dudderidge, a consultant urological surgeon at UHS.

“So as well as recovering faster due to the small incisions, men have fewer side effects and recover continence much faster than before.”

Posted on Monday 20 January 2020