Dr Kristin Veighey, associate director and academic career development lead for medical clinical research fellows

kristin175x175Dr Veighey aims to identify and promote research training opportunities for current and future research fellows at UoS and UHS. 

Email: Kristin.veighey@uhs.nhs.uk

She has recently been appointed as the Clinical Research Physician, a new role within R&D which aims to build and enhance research networks, support research fellows, and support clinicians in setting up and performing clinical research within their individual areas.

Kidney transplantation research

Dr Veighey’s main research has been in remote ischaemic preconditioning (RIPC), a safe and virtually cost-free intervention which can confer protection against ischaemia-reperfusion injury. This injury is the main process which leads to damage in common conditions such as heart attacks, stroke and during organ transplantation.

She was a key part of a team which completed a multicentre multinational study funded by the NIHR’s Efficiency and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) programme, REnal Protection Against Ischaemia Reperfusion in transplantation (REPAIR). This study demonstrated that RIPC can improve kidney function after transplantation. Follow up data suggests that this protection is prolonged – to date patients who have been preconditioned have 13% better kidney function at 5 years than those who have not. The study also demonstrated a reduction mortality and kidney transplant loss in those who underwent RIPC.

She has also performed mechanistic studies in healthy volunteers and patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), developing novel models and refining existing models of ischaemia reperfusion injury to enable us to test potentially protective interventions in a low risk way prior to clinical trials.


Dr Veighey remains involved with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Clinical Trials Unit and University College London in the follow up of the REPAIR patients and developing further studies in this area.

She is employed by Wessex Kidney Centre, based at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, on a part-time basis as a Consultant Nephrologist, although much of her clinical time in this capacity is spent at UHS. She is enthusiastic to develop this service is excited about the opportunities for further Wessex-wide collaboration that this provides. 


Dr Veighey started her training in Nephrology In London prior to completing a PhD in Nephrology and Clinical Pharmacology at UCL. She then transferred back to Wessex, and was appointed as a Consultant Nephrologist at the Wessex Kidney Unit in September 2016.