Diet and conception: Intervention to improve preconception nutrition

Looking at impacts on health that start before conception, we are studying the influence of parental diet through a range of approaches with parents to be.

Key investigator: Prof Nick Macklon

Progress to date

Saw first prospective randomised study to determine the feasibility and efficacy of an intervention to promote healthy diet/lifestyle before pregnancy in couples receiving IVF.  Recruitment completed at the end of 2015, with excellent interim clinical outcomes of IVF pregnancy rates around 50%. Compliance and attitudes to pre-conception dietary interventions are being formally assessed in a new collaboration with Dr M Barker.

A linked study (PROMOTE) assessing the impact of incubator conditions on embryo metabolism has been funded by the BRC’s innovation fund, in collaboration with Unisys, and recruitment is on schedule.

A further study in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam is assessing the impact of diet on the urinary microbiome, whilst a €240,000 industry partnership will analyse novel metabolic markers in embryo conditioned culture medium.