Orchard, Dr Kim



Haematology and bone marrow transplantation


Bone marrow transplantation  

Training and education

  • Haematology training, Royal Free Hospital, London.
  • Bone marrow transplantation training at the Royal Free Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital.
  • Institute of Cancer Research


Dr Orchard has worked for the Trust since June 2001.

Key achievements

  • Building an allogeneic stem cell transplantation programme at the Trust, taking patients from a large region of the central South Coast which includes ten referral hospitals.
  • Achieving national accreditation (JACIE) of the transplantation programme.
  • Initiating a translational research programme using radio-labelled monoclonal antibodies as part of conditioning therapy prior to stem cell transplantation.  

Awards and prizes

  • Colin Thomson research grant from the International Myeloma Foundation for ‘Targeted radiotherapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma’, 1999.
  • Southampton University Hospitals Trust research and development award for 'Targeted radiotherapy as part of transplant conditioning', 2001.
  • Wessex Cancer Trust award for 'Consumables for targeted radiotherapy trials', 2003.
  • Wessex Cancer Trust award, 2006.
  • Leukaemia Research Fund clinical trial grant for ‘Phase II clinical trial using yttrium-90 labelled anti-CD66 with high dose melphalan in conditioning prior to autologous SCT in patients with myeloma’ - a four year, multi-centre study, 2006.

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