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Medicine for older people

Our service sees older people in Southampton and south west Hampshire. We help people who have multiple conditions, functional impairment, and complex care needs.

Medicines and therapies

We provide a wide range of vital services to patients under the care of all the medical and surgical departments.

Medicines helpline

If you have any questions about your medicines after your hospital visit you can contact our free and confidential medicines helpline, run by our team of specially trained, experienced pharmacists.


If you are a member or you simply want to know more, these pages aim to inform you about how you can get involved and have a say in what we do.

Members of the Trust Board

The non-executive and executive directors of the Trust together comprise the Trust Board.

Metabolic bone clinic

The metabolic bone clinic provides a specialist service covering all aspects of metabolic bone disease ranging from postmenopausal osteoporosis to rare metabolic bone syndromes.

MRI (cardiac)

Our cardiac MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) team is dedicated to imaging the heart.

MRI scan

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the name given to a technique which builds up pictures of an internal cross-section of the part of the body under investigation.
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