Lead physiotherapist

  • Karen Murray, specialist in neurological physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy team on the stroke unit includes five physiotherapists and three shared physio technicians. They are responsible for assessing every patient within 72 hours of their admission to hospital. They provide daily rehabilitation with interventions such as:

  • positioning
  • splinting
  • balance re-education
  • assisted mobility
  • a range of physical and functional tasks required to improve independence.

Occupational therapists

Lead occupational therapist

  • Becky Stark

After a stroke, you may have a range of symptoms including physical disabilities, problems with memory, concentration, planning and perception.

These can make it difficult for you to complete everyday tasks and activities, such as washing, dressing, cooking, walking, driving, working and taking part in hobbies.

Our occupational therapists help you to overcome these practical difficulties, improving your independence and quality of life. We'll work with you to practise everyday tasks, develop skills, relearn new ways of doing things and become more confident in performing your daily activities.

We may recommend specialist equipment for you to use at home, and other support services to help you to be independent and safe.

Speech and language therapists

Lead speech and language therapist

  • Rachel Duell

Many people have problems communicating after a stroke. A stroke can affect how we understand spoken and written language, and also how we express ourselves when speaking and writing. Our team is made up of speech and language therapists and a speech and language therapy assistant. We can assess and support your communication, and work with you and your family on strategies to help you.

We also assess whether it's safe for you to eat and drink normally, or if you need alternatives. This could include thickened fluids or a different consistency of food, perhaps soft or mashed. We can also look at options such as a nasogastric (NG) tube, and help with longer-term feeding solutions. Please see the dietitians' page for further information.

Our speech and language therapists work with other members of the stroke team, including dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists to make sure support is tailored to you.