For GPs: TIA clinic and referral information

TIA clinics are run every morning, seven days a week.

For straightforward cases, please complete the referral proforma and fax to 023 8120 4239.

For more difficult cases, please bleep our advanced nurse practitioners on bleep 1592. They work alongside stroke consultants and can provide help and advice seven days a week, 8am to 8pm. Alternatively, you can contact Angie Keens, lead TIA specialist nurse on 07766 800370.

We aim to see high risk TIA patients within 24 hours of their first contact with a medical professional, for example GP or paramedic. If patients are low risk we will see them within one week.

We use a scoring system called the ABCD2 score to determine patients are high risk. This is scored as detailed below:


ABCD2 score chart - assign one score per area
ABCD2 scoreScoring systemScorePatient score
A = Age > 60 years   
B = Bp (blood pressure) > 140 systolic and/or > 90 diastolic 1  
C = Clinical features

Unilateral weakness

Speech disturbance w/o weakness



D = duration of symptoms

> 60 minutes

10 - 59 minutes



D = diabetes Diabetes  

Patients are deemed high risk if their ABCD2 score is four or more. These patients will be seen within 24 hours

Patients are deemed to be low risk if their ABCD2 score is less than four. These patients will be seen within a week.

Patients can be be referred to the TIA service using the referral proforma for TIA.

TIA clinic contacts

  • Tracy Aspin, TIA clinic administrator – telephone: 023 8120 5019, fax: 023 8120 4239
  • Angie Keens, TIA specialist nurse – work mobile number:  07766 800370.