Breast prosthesis fitting clinics

The breast care nurse team provide a breast prosthesis fitting service to women who are asymmetrical following breast surgery or due to developmental abnormalities.

If you have had a mastectomy (removal of the breast) you will be fitted with a temporary, soft prosthesis (a cumfie) by the ward nurses before discharge. Once the scar is well healed (a minimum of six weeks) you will see a breast care nurse for a semi-permanent silicone breast prosthesis (breast form).

Following breast reconstruction the breast care nurses can provide a ‘shell’ prosthesis to restore symmetry if the reconstructed breast is smaller or larger than your breast. Prosthetic nipples can also be provided.

Our breast care nurse team will be happy to provide a replacement prosthesis or see you for a refit appointment. If you require this, please ask your GP to refer you to us.