Meet the team


Your chemotherapy treatment will be supervised by your consultant who will monitor your progress regularly in their clinic. We work in teams, each specialising in the treatment of specific types of cancer, to give you continuity of care.

Doctors in training

As the region's teaching hospital, we have specialist doctors in training to become future consultants. They will be involved in all aspects of your care and will work closely with your consultant.

Specialist nurses

Each tumour type has a team of specialist nurses. They will be at your initial consultations and will continue to care for you during your course of chemotherapy. They work closely with the chemotherapy nurse specialist teams to ensure that your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Staff nurses

Chemotherapy treatment is administered by highly trained nurses in our chemotherapy unit, oncology wards and outreach treatment units. Find out more about our facilities.

Administrative staff

The chemotherapy clinic works closely with other departments around the hospital. You may be having several types of treatment within the Southampton oncology centre, including radiotherapy and surgery. Chemotherapy staff work closely with colleagues in these areas to co-ordinate your care.

Pharmacy team

These are the people who put your chemotherapy drugs together. It is a highly skilled task, which involves several stages of audit and checking, and may take some time. We try to ensure that your chemotherapy treatment is ready for you when you attend the unit where possible. However, this process can depend on many factors including blood and imaging tests performed when you attend the clinic to see your consultant.

What happens if I have a problem?

All patients receiving treatment for cancer will have access to our 24 hour helpline and our acute oncology service. We understand that treatment can be very daunting and we aim to ensure you always have access to advice from our chemotherapy specialists.