Our facilities

The Chemotherapy clinic can be found on C level at Southampton General Hospital.

There are two treatment areas, one for inpatients (Hamilton Fairley Ward) and one for outpatients (Hamwic Ward).

Hamwic Ward (C3)

This is where most patients (around 80%) will receive their chemotherapy.

The unit was opened in 2003 and has been specially designed to accommodate chemotherapy patients, who travel large distances to be treated at this regional centre.

It is close to the Radiotherapy unit and cancer care wards, providing regional specialist cancer services at a single location.

The ward also has its own on-site pharmacy, meaning patients and staff do not have to walk to the hospital's main pharmacy to collect carefully-prepared chemotherapy drugs.

Hamwic Ward is split into two sections:

  • Day case patients
  • Short appointment patients

The day case patient area contains:

  • Two bays each with four beds
  • Two single rooms
  • A large treatment room
  • A nurses' station

The short appointment patient area contains:

  • A large, welcoming reception and waiting area
  • Seven consulting rooms
  • A blood test clinic
  • A treatment room

Ward D3

D3 is one of the other main cancer care wards at Southampton General Hospital, it has two rooms that have been specially designed to meet the needs of teenagers and young adults. Within each of these designated rooms a small kitchen area is provided for patient use, laptops with wireless internet access are available and a sofa/bed is provided so patients can have a relative staying with them if they would like. The Teenage Cancer Trust has kindly supported these facilities.

In addition there is a dedicated Teenage and Young Adult Team, which includes a CLIC Sargent Social Worker, Specialist Nurse and Youth Worker, to provide additional help and support for all teenagers and young adults aged 16-24 years old who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

Macmillan Information and Support Centre

In close proximity to the Radiotherapy department is the Macmillan Information and Support Centre. This is a warm and welcoming drop-in facility for patients' families and friends.

Trained staff and volunteers work at the centre. It offers an information library, complementary therapies, counselling and benefits advice.