Our facilities

The chemotherapy clinic is based on C level, Southampton General Hospital. We have an inpatient treatment area and an outpatient area.

Ward C3

This is where most patients (around 80%) will receive their chemotherapy. The ward is close to the radiotherapy unit and cancer care wards, allowing us to offer regional specialist cancer services at a single location. The ward also has its own on site pharmacy dispensing the carefully prepared chemotherapy drugs.

Our ward is split into two sections, one for day case patients and one for short appointment patients.

The day case patient area contains two bays each with four beds, two single rooms, a large treatment room and a nurses' station.

The short appointment patient area contains a large, welcoming reception and waiting area, seven consulting rooms, a blood test clinic and a treatment room.

Macmillan Information and Support Centre

The Macmillan Information and Support Centre is a warm and welcoming drop-in facility for patients' families and friends. Trained staff and volunteers work at the centre. It offers an information library, complementary therapies, counselling and benefits advice.