What happens when I come in?

When you come for chemotherapy, you will be given very specific information about the type of chemotherapy you're having. You'll have the chance to ask questions, and we will give you a phone number to call if you think of any other questions after leaving the clinic.

We will tell you:

  • about the drug you are taking
  • how you will be given the chemotherapy
  • what reactions you might experience
  • about any side effects of treatment
  • how you can access extra help and support.

Everyone who attends the clinic for chemotherapy first needs to have a blood test. If possible, you should have blood tests done at your GP surgery or at the hospital the day before you come to the chemotherapy clinic. If this isn't possible, we can do the blood test when you arrive, in the blood test room near the waiting area - please take a numbered slip and to be called. After having your blood test, report to reception.

The time you will spend on Hamwic ward will vary. If you're a day case patient, you will need to arrive early in the morning and will probably be at the clinic until 7 or 8pm.

If you are a clinic patient, you will probably be at the clinic for several hours.

The chemotherapy clinic is consultant-led, so you can expect to see your doctor regularly. They, and other members of staff, will check the progress of your treatment and keep you informed.